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The Planets

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Jupiter and Galilean Moons

Jupiter and Galilean Moons captured on the morning of Thursday 10th Oct 2013 using a Meade ETX125 and a QHY B&W image camera.

Jupiter and Galilean Moons - October 2013 Jupiter and Galilean Moons - October 2013
Images courtesy of Chris Bowden





Mars, Saturn and Venus

Mars and Saturn images captured using 8" Meade LX90,Meade DSI. Transit of Venus image taken with 8" Meade LX90,SACIV CCD Camera and K3CCD Tools. Image taken from Weymouth, UK - 8th June 2004 6.30am.

Mars Saturn Transit of Venus
Mars - Summer 2003 Saturn - February 2004 Transit of Venus

Images courtesy of Sheri Karl.

Saturn and Jupiter

The images of Saturn and Jupiter were captured using a Meade ETX90, 2*Barlow, 26mm eyepiece and the Meade LPI. The image of Jupiter was taken on June 5th 2007 while jupiter was at opposition.

Saturn Jupiter
Saturn Jupiter at Opposition (5th June 07)

Images courtesy of Bill Stote