Weymouth Astronomy

The Planets - May 2022


After sunset low in the West-Northwest, Mercury can be seen at the start of the month shining with a magnitude of 0.56. However it is falling back towards the Sun and will be lost in the Sun's glare by around the 10th of the month.


Venus can be seen low in the East in the pre-dawn sky this month. On the first it has a magnitude of -4.13 but by the end of the month it's brightness has fallen to -3.95.


Mars can be seen in the south-eastern pre-dawn sky (around 5 am BST) having a magnitude of +0.88. As the month progresses with the Sun rising earlier it stays at a similar elevation before dawn with its magnitude having increased a little to +0.68.


Jupiter is now visible in the pre-dawn sky just south of East. Although a very low eastern horizon and binoculars will be needed to spot it - but please do not use them after the Sun has risen. By the end of the month it it will be a little easier to spot as it's magnitude having increased to -2.25.


Saturn can be seen before dawn in the southeast. Sadly due to its low elevation, will hinder our view of this most beautiful planet for some time to come.

Information collated from Jodrell Bank and Astronomy Now magazine