Weymouth Astronomy

The Planets - June 2021


The only chance of spotting Mercury this month is on the1st or 2nd just after sunset. A very low horizon towards the northwest will be needed.


At the start of the month, Venus will only have an elevation of 11 degrees at sunset towards the northwest and 13 degrees towards the end of the month.


Mars, the red planet starts the month in Gemini with a magnitude +1.74 and moves into Cancer on the 8th. It will be best seen just north of west at an elevation of 20 degrees soon after nightfall.


As the month begins and given a low horizon towards the southeast, Jupiter rises at 01:49 BST and can be observed before dawn. By the end of the month it rises at midnight.


Saturn precedes Jupiter into the sky rising at 01:13 BST at the beginning of the month. A low horizon towards the south-east will be needed to see them both.

Information collated from Jodrell Bank and Astronomy Now magazine