Weymouth Astronomy

The Night Sky - October 2017

Pegasus flies high in the south-east on October evenings as the constellations traditionally associated with summer depart into the western sky. The low southern sky is filled by rather dimmer autumal constellations. Capricornus and Aquarius sprawl across the south below the Square of Pegasus.

To the north west some of winter's bright constellations are beginning to come into view. Auriga which is dominated by the bright yellow Capella follows Perseus in pursuit of Andromeda, which trails eastwards from the north east corner of the Square of Pegasus. By midnight the distinctive form of Orion the Hunter has cleared the eastern horizon.

The Night Sky

Highlights of the Month:

  • 5th (before dawn): Venus and Mars close in the East
  • 1st-14th (evening): Saturn in the Southwest
  • 9th (late evening): The Moon and the Hyades Cluster
  • 17th (before dawn): Venus and Mars below a thin crescent Moon
  • 24th (after sunset): Saturn below a thin waxing crescent Moon

Information collated from Jodrell Bank and Astronomy Now magazine