Weymouth Astronomy

The Night Sky - June 2017

June is the month where astronomy takes a bit of a back seat as the nights are short and dominated by twilight. Brilliant zero magnitude bluish star Vega (part of the Summer Triangle along with Deneb in Cygnus and Altair in Aquila) is very high and just east of the zenith during late June evenings. The nights may be short but June does host the Lyrid Meteor Shower which peaks on the 15th/16th although the Moon may hinder observations. The radiant is very close to the star Vega. Finally Saturn comes into opposition on June 11th so despite the lack of truly dark skies there is plenty to observe. The Night Sky

Highlights of the Month:

  • 4th (evening): The Moon and Jupiter
  • 8th - 9th (around midnight): Observe the Galilean Satellites
  • 11th: Saturn at opposition
  • 15 - 16th: The Lyrid Meteor Shower maximum
  • 21st (before dawn): Venus and a thin crescent Moon
  • 21st: Summer Solstice

Observing the Great Red Spot on Jupiter during June

2nd: 23:085th: 20:38
7th: 22:169th: 23:55
12th: 21:25 14th: 23:04
21st: 23:51 24th: 21:22
26th: 23:01 

Information collated from Jodrell Bank and Astronomy Now magazine