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Moon and VenusMoon and Venus - May 2010

The follwing image was taken in Upwey, Weymouth during May 2010 and shows the Moon with Earth-shine on it and Venus is very bright in the lower right. There are 3 other stars, one under the Moon (Propus1) and two others to the upper left (Propus 7eta and 18nu) in Gemini.

Image courtesy of Geoff Trim

Mars near Praesepe and satellite UARS

The Moon Mars near Praesepe and a satellite UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, deployed from the Space Shuttle on mission STS-48). Image was captured on 16th April 2010 22:06

Image courtesy of Chris Bowden

Moon & Mercury/Venus images captured during May 2007

1 day old moon and mercury Moon and Venus

1 day old Moon and Mercury - courtesy of Sheri Karl
Moon and Venus (plus seagull!) - courtesy of John Gifford

The MoonThe Moon

Moon image taken on 9th July 2006 using Fujifilm S3000 digital camera, through a 12" dobsonian using a 32mm Antares Plossl eyepiece.

Image Courtesy of Mike McDaid