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New members are always welcome at Weymouth Astronomy Club regardless of experience. The only pre-requisite required is a keen interest in the night sky. Meetings are currently being run remotely due to current COVID 19 restrictions.

2021 programme can be viewed here..

Next Meeting: 10th December

Weymouth Astronomy Club will be hosting a 'Winter Social' for members and guests - more details will be announced nearer the time. Evening will also include regular features 'Sky Notes' and 'Object of the Month'

Partial Annular Eclipse - June 10th 2021

Partial Annular Eclipse captured by Sheri Karl. Click on image to view full size

These images were taken from Aberdeen using a 4” refactor, Baader Herschel Wedge and astroimaging camera. The images are single frame only due to the fast movement of the low clouds. Interesting to notice the mountain profile from the moon as its limb moves across the solar disk